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The Food and Beverage Association of America (formerly known as Food and Beverage Managers (FBMA)), is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, philanthropic, educational and social trade organization. Its membership encompasses executives in the food and beverage and allied industries of the greater New York Metropolitan area.

Established in 1956, the Association has responded to the continued need for improved standards and extended communication within the food and beverage community, via open dialogue shared in monthly forums and events.

Since its inception, FBAA has been a staunch supporter of the community, and many non-profit organizations.

Additionally, the members of the Food and Beverage Association of America are proud to share in the common goal to improve and share knowledge, advance careers and to help others – FBAA invests in the future of the hospitality industry via Scholarship and Awards Programs, offering financial assistance to future hospitality professionals who have demonstrated need and maintained scholastic superiority.

In 1997, FBAA committed $100,000 over a 5-year span to New York University. This donation is just one of many causes and organizations that the Association has supported, as indicated below — Additionally, over the past five years, the Association has committed student scholarship monies currently totaling $100,000 to the Hospitality Management Department at New York City College of Technology. These funds have given students the ability to complete their academic requirements toward their college degree and begin their careers …becoming outstanding professionals in our industry.




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Scholarship Winners

The Scholarships from The Food and Beverage Scholarship Foundation Inc. are targeted to Bachelor of Technology students in the Hospitality Management Program at New York City College of Technology who would benefit from vital financial support necessary to cover tuition and related expenses in pursuit of their Bachelor degrees.  Each recipient received one years free tuition. We congratulate the winners who have all demonstrated leadership potential. They are all excited to be successful and make us proud.