Keith S. Way

Keith Way’s love of food service began during high school where he worked in the cafeteria and after school at a local restaurant. He went on to attend The Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 1968 with an AOS Degree in Culinary Arts.

In 1972, while working at the Westbury Hotel as Executive Steward and Purchasing Agent, former honoree George Stich recommended Keith for membership in our association. He went to the Helmsley Park Lane as Assistant Banquet Manager and on to the United Nations Plaza and the Drake as Banquet Manager. During this time he hosted many wonderful dinners for our association while serving as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President.

After an exciting decade in Hotels, in 1978 Keith decided to pursue a new career in food service sales. He was a natural and with his great gift of gab soared to the top. In his current position as Director of Sales for Breakfast Productions and the Food and Beverage Association Executive Committee’s liaison to the Allied Membership Keith gets to talk a lot. He is always there to lend a helping hand from providing rolls for dinner to giving time to our Children’s Aid Society’s Pre Thanksgiving dinner to working with the Executive Committee to provide scholarships for worthy students and a never ending energy to promote welfare within our organization.

Keith credits his success to his lovely wife, Jennifer, who shares his love of fine food and wines and has the patience of JOB. He is also pleased that his son, Charles has chosen a career in food service sales and is currently with ECO LABS.

We are honored to have Keith in our membership. He will always have a special place in our hearts. Congratulations Keith from all of us in the Food and Beverage Association of America.