Daniel G. Hope

Purveyor of the Year: DANIEL G. HOPE

A native of Perpignan, France, and a resident of New York, Daniel G. Hope joined Peerless Importers, a leading multi-million-dollar distributor of wines and spirits, in 1991. A s a most experienced industry veteran, Daniel G. Hope brought to Peerless his nearly 35 -year specialized wealth of expertise on ail levels if the three-tier system.

A graduate with honors from the College de Valois, in Gagny, France, he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at New; York University, New York, and then he was assigned to the 528 US Army Military Intelligence Co, as an intelligence analyst.

He started his career in the wine and spirits industry at Seagram’s Trade Research Management Program and then at Seagram’s General Wine and Spirits Co., Central Division as sales promotion Manager. He then joined Schenley Industries as Metro New York Manager, then went on as their National Sales Manager, for their wine division. His positions at Seagram’s and Shelley ‘s as 1vell as other major importers enabled him to travel extensively nationwide to fine tune his inherent abilities and perfect his talent and also pursue prospective research for his employees as well as for himself

To no surprise to anyone, his most refined “nose” and reputation led his to earn the respect if numerous very prestigious four-star chefs and restaurateurs as well as hotels in New York City and the Hamptons, who regularly seek his advice.

His son Daniel G. Hope, Jr., is presently attending Drew; University, Madison, New Jersey. Daniel Sr. and his wife Patricia have residences currently in Manhattan and Southampton, New York.