Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas, a native New Yorker, learned at a very young age the importance of product quality, integrity and diversity. His father, Peter Pappas, owned a small dairy business, which distributed to restaurants in Manhattan. His mother, committed to cooking with diverse, ethnic, fresh raw ingredients, initially peaked Christopher’s interest in fine food.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Christopher was recruited to play basketball in Greece, where he had the opportunity to experience Europe’s culinary splendors. The superior raw ingredients which he found abroad inspired him to make these products available to American chefs.

Back in the States, he renamed his father’s business Dairyland, a new frontier business offering its customers cutting edge gourmet products from all over the world. Mr. Pappas has been instrumental in providing a vast number of job opportunities – countless jobs or chefs and sous-chefs through the Chef Placement Program which he initiated in 1991. Although he currently employs 175 people in his Hunts Point business, Dairyland is still very much a family business in that he, his brother John, and his brother-in-law Dean Facatselis maintain high family standards of quality for their customers.

Christopher and his wife Jennifer have three daughters, Delilah, Peggy and Adrianna.