Arrigo and Giuseppe Cipriani

Arrigo Cipriani was born the year after his father, Giuseppe, opened the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. He was graduated from Ferrara University with a law degree and started working at Harry’s Bar in 1957. Arrigo extended the reputation of Harry’s Bar by opening Harry’s Do lei in Venice and
Harry Cipriani in New York City. He and his wife Ina have three children: Giuseppe, a New York resident; Giovanna, a special reporter for RAITV; and Carmela, a children’s books author. Ina, who teaches poetry, also works in the Cipriani pasta factory. Arrigo himself is a novelist and frequent contributor to several Italian dailies and magazines.

Giuseppe Cipriani was born in Venice and grew up in a family where the topic of restaurants and restaurant patrons was first and foremost. A Black Belt in Karate, Giuseppe also raced cars and at one point owned a team which won several European championships. At 23, Giuseppe married Eleonora Gardini, daughter of a leading Italian industrialist and became father of two sons, Ignazio and Maggio. Giuseppe’s background in law and finance helped him launch a second New York City Cipriani restaurant: Downtown Cipriani in SoHo, followed by the development of two restaurants
and a gourmet store in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His current major projects are Cipriani 42nd Street across from Grand Central Station and the magnificent Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.